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verb /rəˈfīn/

To make improvements to an idea, method or system by introducing subtleties or distinctions, often with small changes, that result in pure, polished perfection


During your injection training courses, you always imagined that starting your own aesthetic business was going to be a whole lot easier...

  • You thought after your certification you would easily have clients lining up at your door, but you have found that’s far from the case
  • You have opened your business in a saturated market, and now you're struggling to stand out from the sea of other med spas  
  • You know that social media can drastically increase your reach, but you are overwhelmed with the thought of posting regularly, let alone coming up with a content strategy
  • You have searched high and low for business courses for aesthetic businesses, but all of them are “mini” classes with little to no helpful information past how to register your LLC or what to name your business
  • You are struggling to get your name out there, especially without a large portfolio of your work (and before and afters)
  • You are unsure on how to grow your business (Devices? Employees?) and how to make it profitable without constantly hustling
YES! You're speaking to me!

When I first started out, I had a mobile med spa. I had no office, no team, and no business plan!

I remember being in your shoes, struggling to figure out what services to offer, how to price them, and how much inventory I should keep on hand.

When I was taking my injection courses, I remember everyone making it seem as if I would have a line of clients waiting for me as soon as I opened! Imagine my disappointment, when I learned that this was not the case.

Over the next several years, I have learned so much about all aspects of business - both by trial-and-error and through formal education, courses and coaching. I have learned what it took to build a thriving aesthetic business, and I want to help you do the same.

Let me help you, as a guide and expert mentor, through the process of refining your aesthetic business so it can be the most successful, expansive version of itself.

Ready? ENROLL now!

The Refine Program includes...

Module 1: The Aesthetic Business Blueprint

We'll start with the groundwork. Your business is only as good as your foundation, so let’s revisit our base with help from the Aesthetic Business Blueprint.

Module 2: Finding Your Niche

Want to stand out from the crowd? Let's uncover what your unique super power or USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is and use that to help you stand out from the crowd


Module 3: Sales Strategy

First, we'll audit your offers and polish your menu of services and pricing. Next, I'll teach you how to lead consult calls like a master, upsell with ease, and build relationships with your clients so they keep coming back.


Module 4: Branding & Marketing

Your brand is more than just a logo. Let's talk about branding your business to magnetize your ideal client to you in a snap, as well as where and how to find them. 

Module 5: Vendor Relationships

Find out exactly how to handle the slew of respresentatives knocking at your door, important keys to look out for in vendor contracts, how to determine how much inventory you should have on hand, and my easy formula for figuring out if a product or service is a good fit for your office

Module 6: Hiring Your First Employees

A great team can make or break your business. Learn how to hire rockstar employees, and lay out clear expectations, employee manuals and company policies. Learn how to navigate the OHSA, state specific regulations and payroll with ease.

Module 7: Essential Business Processes

Protect yourself and your business. We'll dive into the nitty gritty and talk about everything you need to know about proper documentation and consent forms. Also learn what my favorite EMR, POS systems, payroll and scheduling systems are.

Module 8: Money Talks, Let's talk about Pricing

Learn the best formulas to use when setting up your pricing. We'll also cover how often to run discounts or specials, setting up a monthly budget and working your financials back into your business plan.


Module 9: Mastering Events

From Botox Parties to Beauty Brunches, learn how these exciting events can help you grow your business and gain new clients with ease

Module 10: You, the CEO

How to step into the highest version of yourself and own what you offer. We'll tap into CEO mindset and how to truly believe in yourself as the brand new owner of a wildly successful, thriving aesthetic business.

*Course module content is subject to change

Weekly Coaching Calls

($4000 value)

Each week for 10 weeks, meet with Dr. Borger and your Cohort to experience the magic of group coaching calls.

Here's a safe container to: 

    • Ask questions that come up during your lessons
    • Get feedback on your unique business situation 
    • Learn from your peers (you'd be surprised how many times they'll ask a question you hadn't even thought to ask!) 
    • Gain support and connect with other aesthetic business owners who understand the unique obstacles that come with the aesthetic industry
    • Get hands-on, high level support to ensure you're maximizing your potential throughout the course
    • Gain weekly accountability to show up for your business 

Plus gain access to our private VIP community where you can ask questions, get feedback, and find support between coaching calls!

Are you ready to refine your aesthetic business?


There isn't anything else like this out there. In the Refine program, we'll cover...

  • GROUNDWORK. Your business is only as good as your foundation, so let’s revisit our base with help from the Aesthetic Business Blueprint.
  • REFINE. Learn how to audit your business from the inside out, streamlining processes and adding support to weak spots.
  • DEFINE. Discover what sets you apart, your unique super power, and how to stand out from the crowd.
  • NUTURE. Learn how to connect with your ideal clients, develop long lasting relationships, and building a portfolio of raving clients who love referring you to their friends and families.
  • GROW. Learn how to ace your consultations, upsell with ease, and become their favorite go-to provider and expert, so much so they wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else

The course is for you if...

  • You have opened an aesthetic business are but are lacking a sales or marketing strategy.
  • You have not reached consistent profitable cash flow.
  • You are not seeing any growth in your sales, network or followers. 
  • You have done your certification (or are about to) and want to open your own practice (we got you - we have extra modules for those just starting out).
  • Despite owning a business you haven't stepped into embodying the CEO version of yourself
  • The sales process makes you feel all sorts of yucky and uncomfortable so you are not recommending higher cost and ROI services to patients.

If you said yes to any of the above, this is for you!

Let’s run the numbers:

  •  One successful event can easily bring in $40k. Mastering your aesthetic events is just ONE module of this 10 week program. You could pay for this could 10x over if the only thing you took away from it was the information on hosting events.
  •  The average device cost is $100-200k. Learning when the right time to buy a device, and how to pick the best device for your area and business? Truly priceless. You could buy this course 50x over with the money you’ll save by avoiding a huge costly mistake of purchasing a device too soon, or even worse - the wrong one!
  • Learning which suppliers cater to smaller businesses, versus which to avoid, can save you thousands of dollars. Knowing how to work with suppliers to sponsor your events or giveaways? Several thousand more right back in your pocket. Knowing how much product to buy (because we’re dealing with short shelf life timelines here) you guessed it, even more money that stays in your pocket.
  • The investment for my 1:1 Coaching Container with 10 calls is $4k. In this course you’ll receive 10 weekly group coaching calls, the ability to watch your peers be coached on problems or situations you haven’t even thought of, AND the 10 educational modules packed with all the information you’ll ever need to run a successful aesthetic business.

Sound like a no brainer? We thought so too. 



I want to highly recommend Dr. Borger's course on business in aesthetics.  I have known her for years and when I first met her, she helped me start my own business, helped me with picking out which products would be beneficial, which, if any, lasers would be good for me to look at purchasing.  She is so uplifting and so positive, every time I speak with her I get tons and tons of work done.  She definitely knows what she is doing and wants everyone to succeed in this aesthetics business.  

-Kristina Ericsson MD, MPH, FACOG


Being a business owner can be very challenging and isolating, and while my medical education prepared me to be a great physician and surgeon, I have found it difficult to make big business decisions.  Dr. Borger's help proved invaluable!  She helped me navigate a few challenging questions with effortless ease, and really made it feel like I was talking to a friend and a trusted colleague!

- Inessa Fishman, MD

2 Month Payment Plan


Per Month

  • Learn how to refine your aesthetic business in just 10 weeks
  • Exclusive student-only community 
  • Lifetime access

Pay in Full


One Time Payment

  • Learn how to refine your aesthetic business in just 10 weeks
  • Exclusive student-only community 
  • Lifetime access

The VIP Experience


Retail: $8,000

  • The complete Refine program experience
  • PLUS 12 weeks of 1:1 Coaching with Dr. Judith Borger (9 sessions, 1 week of integration per month)

For those ready to go ALL IN on building the business of their dreams


Curious if Refine is Right for You?

I get it, when it comes to running a business there seems to be a never-ending list of things you need to invest in.

As much as you’d like to be able to invest in a training or course to up level your business, you want to make sure that you’ll get a great Return on Investment (ROI).

I’d love to jump on call with you (and there is no salesy, pressure tactics here - I truly want what’s best for you and your business and I’ll be 100% transparent with you as always) to discuss any questions you may have so we can determine if this is the right fit for you. 

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