Are you ready for your business to see an expansion like never before?

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The perfect combination of mindset + strategy...

Are you feeling like you hit a plateau in your business?

You had this vision of how your business was supposed to look or feel by now, but somewhere along the way there was a disconnect.

I'd love to help you break out of that feeling of being "stuck" and rekindle that excitement and passion you felt when you first started.

You have big goals and you won't stop until you've made the impact you've been dreaming of. But you also know you'll have to shift your way of thinking to break into that next level version of yourself and your business.

Which is exactly where I come in.  

Let's dive back into why you started - and really tap into your zone of genius - while recalibrating your mission and priorities and building a work life balance that is sustainable and scalable. 

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I am starting a medical practice, and I am so thankful for the advice and wisdom  that I received from Dr. Borger. She has helped me tremendously with social media marketing.  In less than 2 months time, the number of potential customers aware of our brand on Instagram has increased from 6 to over 300.  And I have only begun to act upon the advice she has given me!  I am confident , once I have fully implemented the strategies that she has give me, that our practice will experience explosive growth. Thank you Dr. Borger!

Warren Johnson, MD


When I reached out to Jude for coaching, I really wasn’t sure what to expect! I’m a pediatric subspecialist in academic medicine and I, like so many, was in a place of stasis in my career. Between balancing family needs, including years of infertility, with career needs, I felt like I wasn’t making good progress anywhere. Jude was able to help me look inward to identify why I felt stuck. Working with her, my goals became clearer to me and I felt more confident in actively pursuing them. Jude has the amazing ability to challenge you to ask yourself hard questions with a gentleness and compassion that makes you feel safe enough to answer them. I have referred several friends and colleagues to her and would recommend her to anyone, but especially working mothers as Jude is extremely skilled at empowering women to prioritize themselves!

Kristin Crichton, DO



One Time Payment

10 fifty-minute coaching sessions

All coaching sessions must be used within a 6 month time period. 

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Per Month

10 fifty-minute coaching sessions

All coaching sessions must be used within a 6 month time period. 

I am ready!


I am so grateful to Jude and her amazing coaching skills. She really helped guide me to be brave and do some things I had been hesitant to do at work.

I advocated for myself to our chair and got the recognition I knew I deserved. Before coaching with Jude, I was frozen in my tracks, scared to proceed with speaking up for myself. I am so glad I did!

She also helped me learn to examine my thoughts with this powerful phrase/exercise of saying, “I am having the thought that…”. I can then step back and observe them, almost as an outsider but with all the inside information. It’s really helped me to see how true/untrue some of my thoughts are, and that’s been very powerful. It’s allowed me to move past some honestly false thoughts that could have otherwise held me back. Having the “aha moment” of realizing some thoughts to be so untrue has brought me to laugh and sometimes just about to tears.

Everyone needs some Jude coaching to help them do some self-exploration, self-growth and become the best version of themselves! She can help you reach your fullest potential, professionally and personally. Jude is an excellent listener, and excellent guide in coaching and just wholesome and compassionate. Coach with her and you will be lucky enough to see what I mean!

I write this review in honest hopes that whoever reads it will feel compelled to give themselves the gift of professional coaching with Dr. Jude Borger!

Dr. Nilda Maria Williams