In a career so focused and dedicated on serving others, we often neglect our own well being...

  • You're exhausted, burnt out and more often than not, just trying to get through the day
  • You've made promises that you'd start making time for yourself, but you never seem to actually implement anything
  • You easily go above and beyond for others, but struggle to give yourself the bare minimum 
  • You struggle to come home from work and leave work at the door
  • You spent so much time "achieving the next step" during school and residency that you're not even sure what your personal dreams or goals are anymore
  • You know something has to change, but you're not even sure where to begin
YES! You're speaking to me!

The CME approved Physician Coaching Program includes...


1:1 Coaching

Participants will receive 10 individual coaching sessions with an experienced physician coach to address their unique needs and goals.

Educational Resources

The program includes access to a variety of educational resources, including articles, videos, and webinars on topics such as communication, time management, and career development.


Program Evaluation

The program will be evaluated periodically to ensure that it is meeting the needs of participants and achieving its objectives. 


Download the CME Guide below to learn more about the benefits and references of physician coaching. Use your Institution's Educational/CME funds to cover the cost of this program. 

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Dr. Borger’s coaching has been an immense source of support and guidance during a challenging and transitional phase of my career. In the fast-paced, achievement-driven world of medicine, it's easy to get caught up in constantly striving for the next milestone without taking a moment to reflect on what truly matters. Dr. Borger helped me pause and ask myself the fundamental questions: What do I truly want out of life? How can I achieve a better work-life balance? Does my work bring meaning and fulfillment to my life? These essential inquiries, often overlooked, were the foundation of Dr. Borger's coaching.

Her unique ability to listen actively and ask insightful questions allowed me to delve deeper into my aspirations and discover what truly drives me and brings joy to my life. Equally important, she helped me recognize aspects of my life that were causing negativity and gave me the strength and confidence to let go of these burdens. Dr. Borger's coaching empowered me to understand my worth and gave me the courage to advocate for my needs both professionally and personally.

One of the most significant transformations I experienced through Dr. Borger's coaching was letting go of the sense of guilt I would often carry for others' issues. Instead, I learned to focus on my own growth and well-being, which had a profound impact on my effectiveness as a leader, mother, spouse, and friend. Her coaching has been a guiding light, not only in my career but also in my personal life, making me a better human being overall.

Thanks to Dr. Borger's support, I have found strength, confidence, and peace of mind in navigating the challenges of being a fulltime academic physician and mom of 3. Her wisdom and coaching have helped me achieve a sense of balance and fulfillment that I never thought possible. I am forever grateful for the positive impact she has had on my journey, and I highly recommend her coaching services to anyone seeking profound personal and professional growth.

Dr. Theodora Wingert

Don't sign up for another webinar or lecture that you'll soon forget about. Spend your CME credits on a personalized, tailored experience that can offer you the long-term, sustainable transformation you've been looking for.

During our time together, you'll:

  • Enhance career satisfaction: The program will help physicians identify and achieve their professional goals, leading to greater career satisfaction and professional fulfillment .
  • Reduce burnout: The program will provide tools and resources to help physicians manage stress and prevent burnout.
  • Increase productivity: The program will help physicians improve their time management skills and increase their productivity. 
  • Foster professional growth: The program will provide opportunities for physicians to learn and grow professionally through educational resources and coaching. The program will also enhance participants emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and communication strategies.  The program will help physicians map out areas of desired professional growth through clarification of vision and values.  
  • Improve work-life balance:  The program will assist participants in understanding and addressing the causes of their work-life imbalance, assist in developing strategies for increased satisfaction in both domains, and lead to increased emotional wellbeing.  
YES! I'm so ready!

Did you know that physician coaching has been shown to reduce burnout and increase participants well being, life & career satisfaction in multiple RCTs (Randomized Controlled Trials)? 

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Consult Call


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Payment Plan


Per Month

  • 10 One-on-One Virtual Coaching sessions
  • Educational Resources including articles, videos, and webinars on topics such as communication, time management, and career development.

Pay in Full


One Time Payment

  • 10 One-on-One Virtual Coaching sessions
  • Educational Resources including articles, videos, and webinars on topics such as communication, time management, and career development.

Click and download our CME flyer here, for all the benefits and references of physician coaching. Use your Institution's Educational/CME funds to cover the cost of this program. 


When I reached out to Jude for coaching, I really wasn’t sure what to expect! I’m a pediatric subspecialist in academic medicine and I, like so many, was in a place of stasis in my career.

Between balancing family needs, including years of infertility, with career needs, I felt like I wasn’t making good progress anywhere. Jude was able to help me look inward to identify why I felt stuck.

Working with her, my goals became clearer to me and I felt more confident in actively pursuing them.

Jude has the amazing ability to challenge you to ask yourself hard questions with a gentleness and compassion that makes you feel safe enough to answer them.

I have referred several friends and colleagues to her and would recommend her to anyone, but especially working mothers as Jude is extremely skilled at empowering women to prioritize themselves!

Kristin Crichton DO


I am so grateful to Jude and her amazing coaching skills. She really helped guide me to be brave and do some things I had been hesitant to do at work. I advocated for myself to our chair and got the recognition I knew I deserved. Before coaching with Jude, I was frozen in my tracks, scared to proceed with speaking up for myself. I am so glad I did!

She also helped me learn to examine my thoughts with this powerful phrase/exercise of saying, “I am having the thought that…”. I can then step back and observe them, almost as an outsider but with all the inside information. It’s really helped me to see how true/untrue some of my thoughts are, and that’s been very powerful. It’s allowed me to move past some honestly false thoughts that could have otherwise held me back. Having the “aha moment” of realizing some thoughts to be so untrue has brought me to laugh and sometimes just about to tears.

Everyone needs some Jude coaching to help them do some self-exploration, self-growth and become the best version of themselves! She can help you reach your fullest potential, professionally and personally. Jude is an excellent listener, and excellent guide in coaching and just wholesome and compassionate. Coach with her and you will be lucky enough to see what I mean!

I write this review in honest hopes that whoever reads it will feel compelled to give themselves the gift of professional coaching with Dr. Jude Borger!

Dr. Nilda Maria Williams